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Matovina's Speech at Blue Plaque Ceremony
They Sold a Million - Pete Ham / Badfinger Documentary
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(started July 19, 2008, updated April 6, 2015 ) Here are the best YouTube links to see Badfinger. Some performances appear multiple times on YouTube and I thought it would be good to have direct links to the performance with the best video / sound quality. Enjoy!

Badfinger on YouTube
Superstars of Rock - 1972 - Lip sync
Rolling on the River - 1972 - Backing Track w/ Live Vocal
Set of Six - 1972 - Live
NBA Promo for Boston Celtics

Apple Promo - 1970 - Lip-sync
Larry Kane Show - 1971 - Lip-sync
Set of Six - 1972 - Live
Top of the Pops - 1971 - Backing Track w/ Live Vocal
Midnight Special - 1973 - Live
Midnight Special - 1973 - Fan edited
- improved video - live audio replaced with studio track

Shock Theater - 1982 - Live

Rolling on the River - 1972 - Track w/ Live Vocals

Top of the Pops - 1970 - Lip-sync
Beat Club - 1970 - Live
Hits A Go Go - Swiss TV - 1970 - Lip-sync
Shock Theater (w/ Baby You) - 1982 - Live
The Magic Christian film (with orchestration) - 1969

In Session - 1972 - Lip-sync
Superstars of Rock - 1972 - Lip-sync

Hits A Go Go - Introductions - Swiss TV - 1970
Hits A Go Go - Swiss TV - 1970 - Lip-sync
Magic Christian film - 1969

Beat Club - 1970 - Live
The Magic Christian film - 1969

BBC - 1970 - Backing Track w/ Live Vocals

Top of the Pops - 1971 - Backing Track w/ Live Vocals
Set of Six - 1972 - Live

BBC - Live in Studio - 1970

Set of Six - 1972 - Live

Midnight Special - 1973 - Live
Set of Six - 1972 - Live

Set of Six - 1972 - Live

Interview with Pete Ham and Photo Montage
Pete Ham Demo - 1970

Including Short Interview with Pete Ham

Released in October 2010 - 1971

Video of Marianne & Tom Evans Wedding - 1973

ASS LP - 1973

Japanese Documentary - 1973 - Live

Pete Ham Demo - 1967

Apple Promo - 1968 - Lip-sync
Promo Film (Tom close-up) - 1968 - Lip-sync
Italian TV - 1968 - Lip-sync
European promo - 1969 - Lip-sync

Elektra Promo - 1979 - Lip-sync

Shock Theater - 1982 - Live
Midnight Special - 1979 - Live
American Bandstand - 1979 - Lip-sync

Midnight Special - 1979 - Live

Midnight Special - 1979 - Live

Merv Griffin Show - 1981 - Lip-sync
CNN - 1981 - Int. & Lip-sync performance

Solid Gold - 1981 - Lip-sync
Shock Theater - 1982 - Live

Shock Theater - 1982 - Live
Live Columbus, Ohio - 1984

Shock Theater - 1982 - Live

Here Comes the Sun - 1971 - Live

Supersonic w/ Tom Evans and Bob Jackson - 1976 - Live

(with Bob Jackson) - 2008 - Live

(with Bob Jackson) - 2002 - Live

Badfinger - Documentary - 2000
Badfinger - They Sold a Million - 2013

Maybe Tomorrow LP - With Bonus Tracks!!!
Magic Christian Music - Original 14 Tracks
No Dice - Original 12 Tracks
Sing For the Song - Original 12 Tracks
Straight Up - Original 12 Tracks
Perfection - The Songs of Pete Ham and Tom Evans
Wish You Were Here - Outtakes #1

Lay Me Down (2014 remix)
Passed Fast (2014 remix)

Lean Lean Athena (Instrumental) - 1971

John Forgot to Sing - 1969 era
John Forgot to Sing (animated) - 1969 era
Blodwyn - 1969 era
Little Sue - 1967 era
Pete's Walk (animated)
Water Lily - 1967 era
Sad Tomorrow - 1969 era
Good Times Together - 1967 era
Iveys Christmas Record (Interview)- 1968

Hideaway - 1968
Purple Haze - 1968
It Ain't Necessarily So - 1968
Long Tall Sally - 1968
Crawling Up A Hill - 1968
634-5789 - 1968
Summer in the City - 1969
Birthday - 1969
Nobody - 1969
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - 1969
Revolution - 1969
Proud Mary - 1969
You Can All Join In - 1969
The Way You Do The Things You Do - BBC Radio One - 1969

We're For the Dark (Pete Ham solo) - 1970
Walk That Road - circa 1970
Timeless - 1974
Feelin Alright (Ham guitar solo) - 1971
Believe Me (BBC Radio)- 1970

Angel Pavement - Maybe Tomorrow
Jellyfish - No Matter What (live)
Def Leppard - No Matter What
Il Divo - Without You
Harry Nilsson - Without You (demo)
Clay Aiken - Without You
The OC - 2006 - Sad Girls Are Beautiful - Baby Blue
Lye Berries - Sweet Josephine

No Matter What - Upbeat Show 2006
Without You - Brazil 2006
No Matter What - Nashville Now - 1988
Joey Molland interview & unplugged - 2001
Minnesota Music Awards - 2006
Long Long Way Back Home - 1992
No More - 1993

Mike Gibbins - A Lesson in Learning - 1972 - demo
Mike Gibbins - Come and Get It - 1999
Mike Gibbins - Two & Two - 1999
Mike Gibbins - Oxydynamo - 1999

No Matter What - 1986 - Live
Blind Owl - 1986 - Live
Baby Blue - 1986 - Live
Day After Day - 1986 - Live
Without You - 1986 - Live
Day After Day - 2007 - Live

BADFINGER Related Material
Dave Evans (Tom's Brother) - Broken Hearts
Joe Tansin (w/ Dean Ford) - Glasgow Road

Dan Matovina's Speech
Petera's Ham Speech
Iveys Live Set
Complete Outdoor Ceremony

Gary Pickford Hopkins & Friends - Why (both sides of 45)
Taylor Locke & the Roughs - The Badfinger Song

(December 26, 2013) Lots of Badfinger news in the fall of 2013! A documentary aired on BBC TV on December 9 titled, "They Sold a Million." This one was unique in that its primary focus was on Pete Ham. Discussed were the stories behind the creation of songs such as Without You, Perfection, Knocking Down Our Home, Apple of My Eye, Ringside and others. A few moments of Ham's home movies are used, along with commentary from family, friends, bandmates of Pete Ham.

You might think that because of the massively successful use of "Baby Blue" from the American TV Breaking Bad that the timing of the documentary was because of the show. That apparently wasn't so, as there is no mention of "Baby Blue" or the TV show in the documentary. It seems to have originated from the April 2013 Blue Plaque Ceremony in Swansea in which Pete Ham was honored for his dedication to his craft and the incredible music he created with the Iveys and Badfinger.

I thought it was wonderful that so many spoke fondly of Pete as a musician and person. Regrets, it was only 29 minutes and with the resurgence of "Baby Blue" it would have been nice to have a few minutes of discussion about the song. I believe Pete says in an interview in 1972 that he felt it was one of his favorites. Also, I was hoping to see a few moments of the "Day After Day" video that was made at the same time as the "Without You" video that appears on youtube. The 2002 BBC documentary featured about 15 seconds of it. Someday...

Just something I wanted to note: Dan Matovina is listed as Badfinger's biographer in the documentary. That is true, but alongside that moniker it should be noted that Matovina has been working behind the scenes for years trying to raise Badfinger's profile and the work of Pete Ham, Badfinger and the Iveys. He has done this all the while working through a good portion of the legal entanglements that made Badfinger's music difficult to access for use in commercial projects. To illustrate the point, in one online article I read regarding Breaking Bad, the person who cleared the music for use on the television show stated that they cleared the use for "Baby Blue" working with the Ham Estate in just a few days. Matovina represents the Ham estate and I am sure he was involved in making it as easy as possible for Badfinger's music to be used in the award winning tv show. I am hoping he continues to be involved in finding avenues to expose new fans (and old fans) to the music of Badfinger! Excellent go watch it. It is in the youtube links under documentaries!!!

(April 8, 2015 - Text taken from youtube video) HAIL! Fredonia Records is proud to be partnering with WhyHunger, a global not-for-profit organization fighting to end hunger and ensure access to nutritious food for all. Ladies First has created its rendition of the classic Badfinger hit, “Sweet Tuesday Morning.” Members Savannah King and Mary Ramsey (vocalist of 10,000 Maniacs) join forces with Joey Molland of Badfinger for this unique collaboration. HAIL! Fredonia Records and Ladies First are honored to join the ranks of artist ambassadors such as Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, and Carlos Santana, as they work with WhyHunger in their fight against hunger and poverty.

Ladies First is a not-for-profit musician collective that performs to raise awareness for various charitable organizations. HAIL! Fredonia Records, a student-run record label at the State University of New York at Fredonia, and WhyHunger have united to promote this remake of “Sweet Tuesday Morning.” This special rendition is now available exclusively through iTunes.

Through this promotion we aim to expand our support and increase community empowerment. The proceeds from your purchase will be used by WhyHunger to benefit those in need. Click on this Ladies First - Sweet Tuesday Morning link to view the youtube video.

(December 31, 2013) A new compact disc compilation was released this month. It is called Badfinger: Timeless...The Musical Legacy and includes sixteen tracks from the Apple, Warner and Elektra eras. The good news is that the apple songs are taken from the 2010 re-releases, includes "Dennis", has some nice liner notes, sounds great and carries the Apple logo. The bad news for is that there are no bonus tracks to give long-time fans incentive to purchase the compact disc (although I did purchase it?!). I have the usual misgivings about track order, more No Dice and Straight Up songs near the top as that is the era / sound most casual fans would know. I would have liked to have "We're For the Dark," "I Can't Take It," "Just a Chance" and a few others on the disc. All that said, there is one big plus to this collection for new fans, I believe this is the first Badfinger disc to have a mid-line price point. I bought this disc for $7.99 at a Best Buy. Is that enough of a deal to entice curious new fans to purchase the disc, enjoy Badfinger's music and explore their catalog further, it just might.

(September 30, 2013) The television show "Breaking Bad" had it's finale shown on TV on Sunday, September 29, 2013. In the final seen of the final episode the creators of the show chose to use the Badfinger song "Baby Blue" to enhance and capture the final moments of an incredibly successful and critically acclaimed show. Many Breaking Bad fans went to internet in the past 24 hours to find out more about this song and everything about Badfinger and "Baby Blue" seems to have gone "viral" (as the kids say).

Badfinger's youtube video for "Baby Blue" from the Rolling on the River tv show has gone over 2.4 million views. On the Itunes Rock charts this evening, the #1 download was "Baby Blue," the #9 download was "Day After Day," the #25 download was "No Matter What," the #78 download was "Baby Blue (U.S. Single Edit)," and the #196 download was "Come and Get It." The album Straight Up was the #11 rock downloaded album, overall it was #105 from all albums on Itunes.

Though Badfinger's music is excellent, there is a "cool" factor with the song being used in such an unique show that young fans who are just discovering the band may seek to know more about the band musically and may take an interest in the band's history. The comments on the youtube video that discuss the song all seem to mention it was a great song that fit the ending of the show perfectly!!!

(July 3, 2013) Coinciding with the release of the Keyhole Street Demos was a ceremony in Swansea, Wales honoring Pete Ham. It was held on the 66th anniversary of Ham's birth (April 27, 2013). Artists were performing Pete Ham compositions, a Blue Plaque honoring Ham was revealed and several individuals whose lives were touched by Pete Ham, the man and his music, gave speeches.

One of those speeches has been posted online on Youtube (there may be more!!). The first one posted was a speech given by Dan Matovina. It is a wonderful and heartfelt tribute to Pete Ham the person and musician. One thing I'd like to mention about the speech is that Matovina, noting that Ham was always in bands, mentioned Pete's bandmates one-by-one and also honored their contributions working with Pete Ham. A very nice touch. The link to the youtube video is in the far right column of my youtube links (above). It will be at the bottom of the column. Enjoy!

(November 22, 2012) A 50-track double compact disc featuring demos Pete Ham made in 1966-1967 is scheduled to be released in late April of 2013. The release is to coincide with other activities set to pay tribute to Pete Ham on his birthdate of April 27. The other activities include a Blue Plaque Ceremony and a tribute concert taking place in Pete's hometown of Swansea in Wales. The next day a memorial stone will be unveiled at the Morristown Cemetary, which is where Pete's ashes had been spread.

(Update) Pledgemusic can no longer be used to purchase items related to the Keystone Street Demos. However, while supplies last, items can be ordered be by contacting Dan Matovina. His email address is

You can still read about the items, but cannot order them from the following link. Click on this Pledge Music - Pete Ham link to visit the site and learn about the demos and a host of other items related to Pete Ham that can be ordered by contacting Dan Matovina at

(November 22, 2012) A new (old) video of Maybe Tomorrow has been found and placed on youtube (see youtube links above). It features a close-up of Tommy singing and on occasion the video moves to the left to feature Pete, Ron & Mike singing the chorus in the background. Really a nice find! It was uploaded on November 19 in tribute to Tommy who passed away 29 years ago on that date. The quality is very good as well!

(June 2012) Dave Evans, Tom's brother, recorded a song called "Broken Hearts." This is Dave taking on the issue of Tom's death. If you would like to hear Dave's tribute to his brother there is a link to the song in the third column of my youtube listings. The song is from an EP of Dave's music called The Art of Knitting. For more information about the EP visit Tom Brennan's Badfinger Library for details on how to order the EP.

(November 22, 2012) A remastered version of Straight Up has been placed on youtube (see the youtube links above). It was remastered by Dan Matovina and sounds excellent. Matovina is consistantly offering great Badfinger related material. This, along with the new Maybe Tomorrow video and forthcoming Keyhole Street Demo give us a lot to look forward to and be thankful for.

(June 2012) Joe Tansin (along with Ken Harck), who helped in reuniting Tom and Joey for the Airwaves LP in late 1970s has recently issued some recordings. In my youtube listings in third column there is a link to a song Joe performs with Dean Ford (of Marmalade) called the "Glasgow Road." If you enjoy Joe's music you can see other videos on his youtube account (including "The Last Ride"). I believe some of these songs are available in ITunes.

Speaking of the Airwaves LP for a moment. I'm still hoping good quality versions of the early demos for the Airwaves LP and the Say No More see the light of day. The early version of "Sail Away" should never have been touched, it was fantastic!

(June 2012) Keith James is issueing a publication that contains 20 articles from previous works that he has written. Here is a small bit from his press release

A 44-page document containing the best of articles from his previous publications, “The Badfinger File”, “Matted Spam”, “Better Days” and “The Iveys File” most of which have been updated. Read for the first time the complete history of The Calderstones from 1962 through to Tommy’s departure in 1967, containing new information never before seen.

Free with this new set is an exclusive CD containing The Iveys recording “2 Day’s Monday” from 1966 and Tommy’s Calderstones rare demo single “What are You Going to do About it?” also from 1966

Also Free, a souvenir 8-page booklet “8th July, 1966” celebrating The Iveys first professional gig at The Seven Club, Shrewsbury.

If you are interested or would like more information including descriptions of the articles in "Shine On" email Keith directly, his email address is

(October 2010) Apple Records has just reissued over a dozen albums including four from Badfinger. Magic Christian, No Dice, Straight Up and Ass have all been reissued (and remastered) with bonus tracks on the compact discs as well as an assortment of download only "digital" tracks. Of note is that Apple has finally released the three tracks "Baby Please," "No Good at All" and "Sing for the Song." Also, Badfinger's Apple catalog is finally be available in Itunes! Hopefully Apple and Itunes will find a way to help the consumer determine an original Apple version from all the remakes that are listed dozens of times.

Click here to read a rundown of the new releases by Tom Brennan which also features an interview with Dan Matovina relating his involvment in the project. Matovina also discusses the production merits and comments about each of the releases including the bonus tracks and download only "digital" tracks. The article was put together by Brennan for his Badfinger Library Website. An enjoyable read!

(February 2011) A new radio documentary on Badfinger has been aired on BBC2 Radio. It is from a series called "Song Stories." I believe it aired a day or two ago, but it is only available to listen to on their website for an additional five days. Click on this link to listen to
Without You - Badfinger Documentary on BBC2 Radio. The documentary is an hour long and a good portion of the broadcast focuses on the story behind the song "Without You" from it's creation to becoming a world wide standard. I believe about a dozen people were interviewed for the broadcast. LISTEN NOW!!! it is listed as being available for only five days. Enjoy!

Jeff Alan Ross with Badfinger in 1986 (November 2009) A while back I noticed an article on Tom Brennan’s Badfinger website about an artist named Jeff Alan Ross. It turns out that Ross played with Joey Molland’s Badfinger in the mid 1980’s along with Mike Gibbons. A search of YouTube discovered some videos of this version of Molland’s Badfinger from 1986 with Ross taking the lead vocals on the Badfinger songs “No Matter What,” “Day After Day,” “Baby Blue,” “Blind Owl” and “Without You.” Though, no one will replace the talents of Ham and Evans vocally, Ross demonstrated superb vocals on these songs. I’ve added five videos to my YouTube listings (above) from this 1986 version of Molland’s Badfinger featuring the vocals of Jeff Alan Ross. Take a listen, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Also, mentioned in Brennan’s article, is that Jeff Alan Ross released a compact disc titled, LOCK MY FEELINGS IN A JAR. You may recognize the title from the lyrics of the Pete Ham song, “Name of the Game.” My curiosity peeked, I got the compact disc and what follows is a short review of a very enjoyable collection of songs.

What caught me at first in the YouTube videos was how strong Ross’s voice was and how he sounded as if he’d sung these Badfinger songs for years. I was hoping that his vocals would be just as strong on his own recordings. This turned out to true. He has a great pop voice and when he chooses to use it, a snarl / gruffness in his voice that perfectly fits the few times he uses it, such as on “Sailors Shanty” and “Love is Raining Down” and even for a moment in “Name of the Game.”

The first track on the disc “Love is Raining Down” is a nice mid-tempo pop song. It has a Spanish guitar that is featured throughout the song. It is a bright, lyrically uplifting with just a hint of faith-based lyrics. A good way to start an album is with a song that puts the listener in a positive / joyful frame of mind. Maybe Ross knows that, and he didn’t miss. This song, along with a few others, would make good choices for promotion to adult contemporary radio.

Jeff Alan Ross - Lock My Feelings in a Jar “A Sailor’s Shanty” is the second song on the disc. It didn’t sound like a typical pop song and I was unsure if it was a track that would spark my interest, but I couldn’t help but be drawn into the song by the lyrics. I don’t know if Ross intended the song to serve as a message of faith and hope, but that is how I interpreted the lyrics. A sailor is thrown overboard by the harsh seas and the captain does not hesitate in his effort to save the sailor. The seas calmed (divine intervention) and allow the sailor to be saved and the sailor states he will follow his captain to “the ends of the earth.” There is a beautiful statement of faith hidden in the lyrics, whether Ross intended this or not, I do not know. Surprisingly, at least to me, this has turned out to be one of my favorite songs on the disc.

Another song that I enjoyed and thought was unique was “Carrier of a Dream.” In comparing the song to other artists, I thought the song contained portions of Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson’s flute or other woodwind playing throughout the song) and when the first verse kicks it up a notch, the instrumentation reminded me of Tears for Fears, “Advice for the Young at Heart.” Ross also uses a partial “gruff” vocal about half way through the song to give the song just a hint of edge to it.

“Grace Under Pressure” is a pure pop song and probably the most Badfinger-esque track on the disc. All the things you’d hear in a great Badfinger song, the slide-guitar, great harmony vocals and strong lyrics carry the upbeat track along well. When I listened to the disc first time, this was the song that caught my interest immediately. If a single was ever to be released from this album (or something distributed to radio), I believe this song, along with “Love is Raining Down” and even the oddly infectious “Carrier of a Dream” all have pop AM radio potential.

“Walk Into the Fire” has a similar feel to Phil Collin’s “In the Air Tonight” as it’s starts instrumentally sparse and slow and builds to its climax in the final stanza. Though the song sounds like a Phil Collins production, every time I played the song I thought vocally Ross was similar to Billy Joel. A nice combination for a track that sounds as if taken from the 1980s.

“Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Today” is an energetic song with plenty of harmony vocals and dual vocals (Ross, I assume is doubling his own vocal) and a nice late 60’ early 70’s pop feel. The guitars at one minute and 53 seconds were reminiscent of Big Star’s “September Gurls” and overall I thought was a great retro-track.

“Harmony’s Song” is a beautiful “coming of age” ballad that Ross had written for his eldest daughter. A holiday tune is placed in the middle of the disc, called “The Gift.” The song has a nice holiday sentiment to it. Another upbeat and catchy track was “It Was Always You.” Ross wrote this song specifically for consideration in the movie, “Maid of Honor.” It was not chosen for the film, but the brightness of the track complements the rest of the disc well and its inclusion seemed like a natural.

Of course I need to mention the one song that most people here would be curious about from the outset. Pete Ham’s “Name of the Game” is covered as the closing track to the disc (note: a nice alternate acoustic version of “Love is Raining Down” is actually the last track, it is an unlisted bonus track). Ross follows Badfinger’s piano led-version pretty closely for the first half of his version. The chorus vocals are beautiful and incredibly similar to Badfinger’s. No one will ever replace Pete Ham’s vocals as my favorite version of this song. But Ross, in tribute, does an amazing job on the vocals and adds his own touch by pulling out his snarl / gruff vocal ability once or twice in the third verse, maybe just to tease the listener and then it’s right back to the a long fade out that is true to the original. Easily, the best version not sung by Pete Ham that I’ve ever heard.

The entire disc is a great collection of pop songs with a surprising amount of diversity when you consider it is from one artist. Ross was able to surround himself with quality musicians who have a feel for the music he wants to deliver. In conclusion, Ross demonstrates an abundance of talent as a performer and vocalist with a strong ability to write good pop songs with alarming diversity. This is an enjoyable pop recording all-around.

Jeff Alan Ross's Website
Jeff Alan Ross's My Space Music Page
Jeff Alan Ross interview with Dan Matovina
Tom Brennan's review of Ross's CD Lock My Feelings in a Jar

(November 2009) Dan Matovina is reporting that Stan Polley has died. He apparently died during the summer of 2009. Since no obituary was done, his death was discovered by other means.

Click here to read Dan Matovina's report on Stan Polley's death.

(August 2009) About a month ago a record company by the name of Renaissance Records released the Natural Gas album on compact disc. The group featured Joey Molland and Jerry Shirley from Humble Pie. The group record one album for Private Stock records in 1975 and toured as an opening act for Peter Frampton. Aside from being the lead guitarist, Molland also wrote and sang some great rock'n'roll songs such as "Dark Cloud," "Little Darlin'" "I've Been Waiting" and "Christmas Song" on the 10 track original album. There are three bonus songs on the compact disc and all three are Molland tracks, including two additional version of "Christmas Song" (rehersal and demo) and a demo versions of "Little Darlin'."

Click here to order the Natural Gas compact disc from Renaissance Records.

(July 22, 2009) Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs have recently released a second volume of their "Under the Covers" material. An online bonus track to the compact disc is a cover of Badfinger's "Baby Blue." The compact disc and the online only bonus mp3 of "Baby Blue" can be purchased at (I didn't check Itunes, but it may be there as well).

(July 22, 2009) On ebay in mid-July there was a Badfinger acetate featuring the song "Name of the Game" for purchase. It contained the overdubs that were added by Al Kooper. You can hear a sample of this version at Tom Brennan's Badfinger Library Pages.

Pete Ham from the cover of The 27s (Updated: April 10, 2009) We all know that Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Big Star's Chris Bell and Badfinger's Pete Ham had all passed away much too young. An oddity in their passings is that they were all 27 years old at the time of their deaths. A VH1 documentary about 7 years touched on this characteristic of their deaths that also featured the likes of Kurt Cobain and Brian Jones. Pete Ham's image was shown in the documentary for all of about 3 seconds. Does the number 27 have some mystical meaning as it pertains to gifted young musicians? The documentary I saw mentioned something about it's connection to the number 9 (2 + 7 = 9 ).

Well, I don't have an answer to the preceding question, but a new book may shed some light on the subject. That's because two gentlemen, Eric Segalstad and Josh Hunter have written and illustrated a book that explores the amazing talents and extraordinary lives of 30 musicians who all met their unfortunate demise at the age of 27. The book is titled "The 27s - The Greatest Myth of Rock n Roll" and features a section dedicated to Pete Ham. What follows is a press release for the book:

    "The 27s-The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll" is AVAILABLE NOW for purchase at our website and became available nationwide in retail outlets as of April 7, 2009. The book includes a section with original illustrations dedicated to Pete Ham. Josh Hunter and Eric Segalstad, the book's creators, say Badfinger's story demonstrates not only creative beauty, but also everything that's wrong with rock & roll. "Pete's life, his abused brilliance and tragic ending really gripped us, which is why we felt it was important to retell the story to readers who aren't familiar with Pete, Badfinger, or Dan Matovina's excellent biography," Hunter says.

    "The 27s-The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll" tell the story of rock & roll seen through the lives and legacies of musicians who died at 27, a mysterious and talented list that includes Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Robert Johnson, Uriah Heep's Gary Thain, Pete de Freitas from Echo & the Bunnymen, Kristin Pfaff from Hole, Big Star's Chris Bell, D. Boon from the Minutemen, and about two-dozen more.

    The creators have spent the last two years researching, interviewing, writing, and illustrating for the 224-page book. "This is a grassroots effort so we encourage people who are interested to visit (or click on the Pete Ham image) to purchase the book and sign up to our mailing list. Over the next few months we plan on releasing page spreads and offer specials and giveaways to our friends on the list," Segalstad says."

Thus, to re-state, click on the image of Ham or this link,, to purchase the book and add yourself to the mailing list! Also, on the webpage for the book you can read short biographies on most of the artists in the book, including Pete Ham (great artwork as well!!!). I have the book and have enjoyed the sections on artists such as Pete Ham, Chris Bell (Big Star) and blues man Robert Johnson. There is very interesting section at the end of the book that delves deeper into the mystery of the number 27 as it relates to these musical artists. Enjoy!

(March 1, 2009) Great News!!! A Ron Griffiths demo lead vocal version of the Badfinger hit "Come and Get It" has surfaced on of all things, a Beatles bootleg disc!!! Paul McCartney said in an interview that he auditioned Ron, Tom and Pete to sing lead on "Come and Get It." This is Ron's audition for the lead vocal spot. At the end of the track you can hear Paul make a comment to Ron. This track is part of almost two dozen "takes" of the song "Come and Get It" that are featured on a double disc Beatles bootleg called "Revolution - Take Your Knickers Off." The title is in reference to a new version of "Revolution" where John can be heard at the very beginning making the "knickers" comment. Also, all on the disc are several takes of the Iveys first Apple Studios recording session for the song, "No Escaping Your Love."

For more information and to hear the track, visit Brennan's Badfinger Library, Tom Brennan gives some background on the track and links to Ron's version of the "Come and Get It." Enjoy!

(June 17, 2008) Badfinger's Apple catalog which contains the original (hit single) versions of "Come and Get It," "No Matter What," "Day After Day" and "Baby Blue" are still not available to be purchased on iTunes. The lone exception, "Baby Blue" is available only if you purchase the entire soundtrack to the movie The Departed. Unfortunately, there are numerous songs listed that do not designate that they are re-recordings and not the Apple originals. On the bright side, Badfinger's self titled Warner's LP, Wish You Were Here, Airwaves, Say No More and Rhino's Best of Volume 2 (which features four songs from Head First) are available for purchase as well as the two Pete Ham CD's "7 Park Avenue" and "Golders Green." You can also purchase the Very Best of Badfinger CD on Apple Records to obtain the original versions.

(December 28, 2007) The BBC Wales radio station is broadcasting an hour long documentary on Badfinger on New Years Day. It is scheduled to air at 11:30 am (Wales time), thus in the USA it would be on anywhere from 3:30 to 6:30 am. The station also broadcasts online as well. Click here on this BBC Radio-Wales link to search their programming schedule and how to listen online. The station also delivers podcasts of their programming. Audio podcasts are usually mp3 files that you can download to your computer (most of the time for free - as appears to be the case here). My point is, if you forget or are unable to listen to it live, you may be able to get the podcast of it later that day or week. If you click over to Brennan's Badfinger Library, Tom Brennan gives a good description of what can be done to hear the broadcast. Enjoy!

(January 21, 2008) NOTE: The BBC Wales documentary on Badfinger is no longer online at this time. If it does become available again I'll list it here.

(December 28, 2007) The Pete Ham estate has posted a Pete Ham demo titled "John Forgot to Sing." Although "Christmas" is not mentioned in the lyric, you can easily interrupt the words to represent the holiday. The lyrics tell of a spiritual gathering on a "special day" where many types of people have gathered to hear a message and to hear John sing a song in honor of this "special day." Was this Pete's lone attempt at a holiday tune? I don't know. I do know it's haunting and beautiful and Pete's voice is as captivating as always. Tom Evans also sings backup in the song.

To listen, click on this link to and then to the link for "John Forgot to Sing"

The Tom Evans estate has posted a Dodgers holiday radio promo that features Tom Evans on lead vocal. It is an upbeat and enjoyable little Christmas song that is entirely too short (only one minute), but still it's a joy to hear Evans singing the tune.

To listen, click on this link to and then to the link for the Dodgers "Radio Clyde Merry Christmas."

NBA Logo (November 21, 2007 - updated Dec 28) The National Basketball Association is using Badfinger's "Day After Day" in it's promotional campaign this basketball season. Tom Brennan is reporting on his website that Dan Matovina and Bug Music struck a deal with the NBA and Apple to have the original version of the recording (actually the remastered version from the Perfection Promo CD!!!) to be used in the 30 and 60 second promo spots. The commercials could air at anytime on the NBA-TV network or during NBA games across the nation on their respective national (NBC, ESPN, TNT) and regional telecasts. Brennan has an interview with Matovina on his website, Brennan's Badfinger Library, in which Matovina discusses some of the details in securing the deal with the NBA. Also, if you click on the picture link in this news item you will go to a portion of the NBA's website that is dedicated to this ad campaign, though the Badfinger spot is not yet listed, I believe this is one place you may be able to find it soon.

Click here to view the NBA Promo featuring Badfinger - the full 60 Second Spot

With the potential for thousands, tens of thousands perhaps, dare I say hundred thousands of fans trying to go to ITunes to download the track for their Ipods, there is one unfortunate downside to this good news. The original version of "Day After Day" is not available on ITunes. There are many versions listed as "re-recordings" and unfortunately just as many that are listed with no such distinction that are also not the original version (just play a sample of the song an you will notice). They all appear to be the early 1990s version sung by Joey Molland.

Not all is lost. If you are interested in acquiring the original version of "Day After Day" go to your favorite music shop or online store and acquire "The Very Best of Badfinger" CD on Apple or Badfinger's "Straight Up" CD to obtain the hit single.

NEW SITE: BADFINGER-IVEYS.COM logo (June 12, 2007) An excellent new Badfinger (and Iveys) website has been put together. It is titled, , it's mission statement, "To promote Badfinger & The Iveys, To dispel the myths & learn the facts, To study the music & history of these two great bands." It was created by Dan Matovina and Peggy Burneka. The site is sort of a Badfinger super-site in that it links to Tom Brennan's Badfinger Library Pages, Dan Matovina's pages for the book, The Tragic Story of Badfinger , as well as two new sites. One site is dedicated to Pete Ham. There are some very heartfelt words from Petra Ham and her mother Anne as well as a sound file of an alternate version Ham's "Where Will You Be." The other new site is dedicated to Tom Evans and features a sound file of an early version of "Carry On Til Tomorrow." A link to Mike Gibbins website is also provided.

However, there is so much more. There are three separate reports on the Badfinger Convention that took place last year in Wales. Dan Matovina, Keith James and Mark Perkins provide dozens of photos of the event and some interesting editorial on the two day event. Matovina's report features details of both days events plus audio files of portions of his speech that paid tributes to the members of the band. Bob Jackson performed at the event and several of these performances are available to hear. Ron Griffith also appeared on stage with Bob for a performance of "Come and Get It."

There is a portion of the site titled, Apple Seedlings, that features information on the sons and daughters from the members of Badfinger, John Lennon and George Harrison! Not only is information provided, but sound files of the naturally musically inclined offspring are also available to hear. A beautiful song by Bob Jackson's daughter, Emily, is provided along with material from Mike Gibbins son's band, Seven Sisters.

There is also a new Badfinger Guestbook! It is a topic specific board, in other words, topics are provided for you to share your thoughts on the band. All in all the new Badfinger-Iveys site looks fantastic and is sure to occupy your time for hours (Tom Brennan's library pages and Dan Matovina's pages for the great reviews of his book and Ham's solo CD's can take hours on their own to read). Enjoy!

Perfection: The Songs of Badfinger's Pete Ham and Tom Evans (November 1, 2006) A promotional compact disc was issued by Bug Music in August of this year to promote the writings of Pete Ham and Tom Evans and the music of Badfinger to various outlets for use in films, television advertising and cover versions. The compact disc was a joint effort between Dan Matovina and the staff at Bug Music. The task to put together a disc like this must have been a formidable one judging by the all the companies (including Apple, EMI, Capital, Warners, Sony / BMG) and the estates that were involved in creating the disc. Aside from working with almost a dozen separate entities involved with the project, Matovina also remastered all the tracks presented in the collection (something that needs to be done to the entire catalog).

Also of interest is an edited version of the song "Dennis" from Badfinger's Wish You Were Here LP. It was edited to give it the feel / sound of a 45 RPM. It just makes you wonder if the singles, "Just a Chance," "Know One Knows" and an edited "Dennis" could have only seen the light of day in late 1974 / early 1975 if fortunes would have been different.

Matovina and the staff at Bug Music put together a fantastic collection that I'm sure will attract potential suitors for their material. If you'd like to read more about the creation of this promotional compact disc then click on this link to Matovina's website for information regarding: Perfection: The Songs of Badfinger's Pete Ham and Tom Evans

(November 23, 2005) The release of the DVD of The Concert for Bangladesh was cause for a recent celebration. On October 19, 2005 a premiere screening was given at a theater on the Warner Brothers studios lot. Many of those involved in the original event attended the celebration. Representing the members of Badfinger via invitations from Apple Corps, Olivia Harrison and UNICEF were Owen, David, Adam and Ellie Gibbins, Petera Ham, David and Stephen Evans, Joey and Kathie Molland and Dan Matovina. It appears that a fantastic time was had by all! Matovina has given a write-up of the evenings events and included a few photos of the event as well. A very enjoyable read, as enjoyable as it must have been seeing Badfinger (and others) honored for their contribution to The Concert for Bangladesh.

Click here to read Dan Matovina's article on The Concert for Bangladesh Premiere Night!

(September 18, 2005) As mentioned in the previous news article regarding "Baby Blue" being featured on "The OC" television show, I requested and received an interview with Dan Matovina. I have been extremely curious as to how aggressive Bug Music was going to be in promoting the catalog. I was hoping Matovina could provide some insight on this matter and some other questions I had (including does this make it easier to release an Ivey's demo disc etc...). I'm sure a good portion of Matovina's responses are going to delight Badfinger fans who have been waiting a while for some good news!

Click here to go the Brando Feature: Interview with Dan Matovina regarding the Bug Music Deal

(August 19, 2005) On August 18, 2005, Dan Matovina reported via his website that he has secured publishing deals with Bug Music for material written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans and recorded by Badfinger. All the Ham material is covered in the agreement with his estate, while the Evans material appears to cover the Apple and then Warner era of Badfinger's existence. This appears to be a very positive and significant announcement from Matovina for several reasons (and please mind as I give my two cents, I'm no lawyer, just a fan).

First, there is an immediate cash advancement to all members of Badfinger. The estates of Ham, Evans, Collins as well as Joey and Mike are all entitled to a good portion of a $215,000 cash advance from Bug Music. All members are entitled to a portion of the money in accordance to the "1985 court settlement agreement."

Second, the reports during this past year (via guestbooks, a few Beatle websites and what we as Badfinger fans have noticed for years) about Apple not being aggressive in promoting Badfinger, no rarities disc or official release of "Baby Please" and other songs (that Badfinger fans have known about for almost two decades) or lack of effort to license their material appear to be true. Bug Music sounds as if they are going to be very aggressive in trying to earn money for the material. Why wouldn't they be aggressive, Bug Music just invested almost a quarter of a million dollars for the publishing contract!!!

Third, although it isn't mentioned at all in Matovina's report, with this significant three year long issue resolved, does this mean Matovina can turn his attention towards issuing an Iveys compact disc, Ham disc (volume 3) or Evans disc? Does resolving this publishing deal somehow make it easier to release demo material? I don't know, but I hope so (this is wishful thinking on my part).

Matovina has been involved with or the catalyst for so many Badfinger related projects that I've enjoyed (Seven Park Avenue, Golders Green, the Badfinger book, BBC Live, 94 Baker Street, Behind the Music, Very Best of Badfinger, Rhino's Best of Volume 2 and most likely a half dozen other things I don't know about or forgot to mention) that I'm eager to see what's on the horizon!

Click here to read Dan Matovina's announcement of the publishing deal with Bug Music.

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